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Prophy Research Corporation reports
Inside cover

Cover: The graph on the cover shows the same old news - lots of products using “our” dosing by weight idea in Europe. It is great to see it so popular and adaptable to so many kinds of pharmaceuticals. However, there are 3 problems. First, we do not have our complete US patent yet (although that is now looking excellent – see the news). Second, a product earlier than these and earlier than our first patent actions could show up at some point. It is very close (us 1988, so far earliest other 1989). Third, none of these companies got it from us*, and none are paying us royalties (*SIGH*). The 5 in Switzerland are covered by our patent issued there (see the news).


Below is the list of products we know about. If you are visiting a pharmacy or pediatrician, especially in one of these countries, please try to get us an update. There are a few facts we are missing on some of these products (shown as a ”?” in table), and there may be new ones. If you can get a poop sheet on any of these it will help us write up labels for new products.




As far as I know everyone is copying the idea from Janssen. Here is how I give credit:


“In Europe Janssen has pioneered a new type of dosing device that has the potential to solve many overdosing problems. (First commercial use in Prepulsid® (cisapride) in Switzerland, 1989; later used with Hismanal® (astemizole) in Panama, 1990, now used in about 20 products around the world.) These devices, which use a body weight scale, allow precise dosing of each child.”


Known products sold with dose by weight pipettes
As of June 17, 2004
Country/products Company Use Sold Begin sales Finder
1. Prepulsid® Janssen(J&J) heartburn(GOR) Rx 1989 Heinz
2. Cedax® Essex antibiotic Rx 1995 Heinz
3. Podomexef® Upjohn antibiotic Rx 1996 Heinz
4. Klaciped® Abbott antibiotic Rx 1996 Heinz
5. Dafalgan® Janssen fever, aches & pains ? ? Heinz*
(Heinz reported this one 4/03)
1. Prepulsid® Janssen(J&J) heartburn(GOR) Rx 1992 Janssen
2. Zitromax®  Pfizer antibiotic Rx 1995 Hans
3. Erythrocine®  Abbott antibiotic Rx 1996?* Hans
4. Biclar Junior® Abbott antibiotic Rx 1996?* Hans
5. Motilium pediatric® Janssen stomach(nausea) Rx 1996?* Hans
6. Perdolan Mono® Janssen fever, aches & pains OTC 1998?** Hans
7. Tinset pediatric® Janssen antihistamine Rx 1999?** Hans
8. Nizoral®   Janssen antimycotic Rx 1999?** Hans
9. Biclar Baby® Abbott antibiotic Rx 1999?** Hans
10. Merced® Menarini antibiotic Rx 1999?** Hans
(*Hans reported these on 1/13/97)
(**Hans reported these on 3/20/00)
1. Prepulsid® Janssen(J&J) heartburn(GOR) Rx 1990 Gianna
2. Cipril®  Fisons heartburn(GOR)) ? 1990 Kevin
1. Hismanal® Janssen(J&J) antihistamine OTC 1990 Darby
(first finder)
New Zealand
1. Prepulsid® Janssen(J&J) heartburn(GOR) Rx 2000 Ray
1. Prepulsid® Janssen(J&J) heartburn(GOR) Rx 2001 Ray
Animal products sold with dose by weight cups
As of May 29, 2003
Country/products Company Use Begin sales Finder
1. Strongid C, 2X Pfizer horse parasite (dry) 1996Ó Ray
Animal products sold with body weight syringes
As of  June 17, 2004
(These horse wormers with a weight syringe are now more or less standard and I have sorta quit looking for more examples.
These are prior art, but not quite like our design. They have a reverse scale and a stopper ring to allow dosing
as you empty part of a full syringe. They come full, ready to use, which is a slick feature we do not have.
Our patent will not cover these - for us it has to have scale in right direction to allow dosing as the syringe is filled.)
Country/products Company Use Begin sales Finder
1. Zimecterin Farnam horse parasite 1984 Ben
(first finder)
2. Quest Fort Dodge horse parasite 1997 Ben
3. Strongid Pfizer horse parasite Ray
4. SafeGuard DPT Labs horse parasite Ray
5. Equimectrin Hor Hlth Prd (dst) horse parasite
1. Zimecterin Farnam/Cavalier horse parasite ? Ray
1. Felex ? (Pets Pantry) cat worm ? (found 1-03) Ray
1. Iver X Pharmavet* horse parasite ? (found 1-03) Ray
2. Para X Pharmavet* horse parasite ? (found 1-03) Ray

The best online source about these horse wormer products is the Quest site which has the full label and a drawing of how these syringes work:

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