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Prophy Research Corporation reports
News 11-04

News 11-04



No big deal – just an update as I put the report back up on the web.


Appeal 2: I did go ahead and appeal the “obvious” rejection. It went in Oct 21, and they are supposed to act on it within 60 days, so we may get a Christmas present. It is about time we harvested the fruits of our labors.


(The picture is of some tasty tropical fruits picked in the yard of the Mountain House in Hawaii. Photo by Isabella Gioia. On top is an open passion fruit, or “lilikoi” as we call them. This one is a hybrid between the common yellow and purple varieties. The tangerines are “Freemont”, which is my favorite for our microclimate. And the papayas are the way I like them the best, just starting to turn yellow.)

picture of tropical fruit by Isabella Gioia

My whereabouts: Iowa until Feb 5, then off Hawaii until about May 1. For the summer I plan to enjoy the mainland, and be ready to travel in case we have some licensing deals to pursue. I will try to get the licensing options posted here in case you have comments.

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