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Prophy Research Corporation reports
Device maker strategy


Another possibility for licensing would be to find the companies that make the actual medicine droppers, cups, and oral syringes. We could then give them a license, which they could in turn use to flog themselves as the exclusive supplier of device XYZ.


The trickiness is that these guys are generally part of the wholesale supply chain, and not readily visible to us. (If anyone can find the maker of the elegant Janssen device shown in the picture, that would be very valuable info.) These companies may be spread out all over the globe. We would also have to work out control issues – a patent owner usually only has say-so over the “first sale”, and after that it is a free-for-all. So if we see a product using our type devices, we would have to go backwards and make sure the devices did not originate with our licensee.


But – a good license and strategy could probably overcome all these tricky areas. Like we could require the makers to sub-license each pharmaceutical product, cc us, and require the product package to bear marking to show it is licensed. If you have ideas, please let me know. The advantage of this strategy is that the sales people at the device making companies would love something like this, know who to talk to at the pharms, and might be our best way in.

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